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About TES

Torah Educational Software (TES, Inc.) is proud to invite you to our Internet site.
TES - is the one-stop source for all of your Judaic software needs.

Established in 1986

TES is the world's largest developer and distributor of Judaic, Hebrew and Bible educational software.
TES maintains tech-support teams in Jerusalem and New York, plus programming and development units in Jerusalem.

If you are a programmer and looking to put your talents to work for Jewish education,
email your resume to: [email protected]

Torah Educational Software develops and distributes computer programs for
ArtScroll, Bar Ilan University, Yad Vashem, Feldheim, Keter, Otzar Haposkim,
Yad HaRav Herzog and other famous publishers.

If you are a publisher or have written a computer program of Jewish interest
and looking for the best, largest channel for the distribution for your software,
please email us at: [email protected]

To date TES has developed over 150 educational titles.

TES has distribution and representation in
Australia, England, France, Israel, South Africa, Canada and the United States.


TES programs are available through better Bookstores,
and in over 500 retail locations worldwide - as well as 350 Online Resellers.

TES titles are Approved by the Board of Education - for NYSSL & NYSTL Funding.


TES is a Prime Supplier to Torah Umesorah serving over 800 Schools.


TES develops Apps for Samsung Android and iPhone/ iPad.




All TES products carry our


Buy online with confidence,


TES stands behind its software & service.




The Torah Educational Team