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A Historical Tour of the Holy Land

A Historical Tour of the Holy Land

Tribal Lands - Large Format


Tribal Lands - Large Format
A Fascinating Study of the 12 Tribes & the Land of Israel

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About - Tribal Lands - Large Format

Tribal Lands covers the fascinating story behind The Twelve Tribes of Israel and their Ancestral Territories, in the Land of Israel. 

The book explores the past to discover essential connections between the individual natures of the sons of Jacob and the territory that each of the twelve tribes later called its own. 

In this fascinating and thought-provoking book, the Author helps you discover the relationship between the forebears of the Tribes and the territorial allotments, granted each one. 

Tribal Lands: The Twelve Tribes of Israel in Their Ancestral Territories explores the design to land apportionment. Having masterfully canvassed a wealth of source material, the Author presents a comprehensive picture of the individual personalities of the twelve tribes of Israel. 

Then discusses the natural features of their territories, suggesting connections between the tribe and its inheritance. The description of every territory is followed by a detailed, Archeological tour of the area, allowing the reader the rewarding adventure of encountering the land on his or her own. 

The book is full of beautiful pictures of the sites which helps the reader visualize 
and appreciate the territory each Tribe was allotted in the Land of the Bible. 

Hardcover: 348 pages / Large Format: 11 x 8 
Publisher: Renana Publishers; 1st edition (2015). 
Language: English. 
ISBN-10: 1568715935 
ISBN-13: 978-1568715933