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DOWNLOAD - My Judaic CardShop

Parsha Parade - Genesis - on CD/USB

Parsha Parade - Genesis - on CD/USB

Gemara Tutor - on CD/USB


Gemara Tutor
A GUARANTEED SOLUTION for Talmud/Gemara Vocabulary
The challenge of playing against the computer encourages the students to excel. Through this game the user will end up with a solid foundation of Gemara vocabulary that will last a lifetime. 

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About - Gemara Tutor

The program teaches words and concepts of Gemara in a way that the student is not forced to remember a long boring list of words. Let the computer handle the boring work, let the student face the challenge. The challenge of playing against the computer encourages the students to outdo the computer. Through this game they end up with a solid foundation of Gemara knowledge that will last a lifetime. The program grades you and corrects your mistakes. It will also keep track of your progress so you can monitor your own improvement. This feature is excellent for teachers and parents and allows you to create incentives for the students. For example, challenge the child to score 10,000 points. Being that the computer keeps track of each student by name and grade, the teacher has a way of verifying and rewarding the students. 

Features - Gemara Tutor

Ideal Tool for Building your Talmud Vocabulary... From the beginning. Nothing taken for granted.

  1. Suitable for all levels of Talmud Study...
  2. Develops Serious Gemara Skills...
  3. Dramatically increases comprehension...
  4. Puts the fun back into learning...
  5. Teaches Hundreds of Keywords...
  6. Teaches Phrases & Talmudic concepts...
  7. You can play against the computer...
  8. Program will grade, correct, and review your mistakes...
  9. Program will Track your mistakes and print Review Sheets
  10. Selected parts of the Dictionary can be Printed
  11. Entire Talmudic Dictionary can be printed for Study away from the computer
  12. Parents & Teachers can Print written tests 
  13. Program Tracks your progress...
  14. Plus, it will rank top ten players...
  15. Includes audio and sound effects...
  16. If you answer everything perfectly...
  17. The software Prints a Personalized Certificate of Accomplishment.

Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz ZT"L wrote:
"Gemara Tutor" Endorsement 

“… As a parent and grandparent involved in the chinuch of my family, I feel confident in recommending Gemara Tutor. 
It is an ideal tool for developing a strong Aramaic vocabulary essential for success in learning Gemara. 

May the staff at TES continue to develop such fine useful products.” 

Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz zt"l

More Information
Software RequirementWindows 7/8/10/11, Mac OSX