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Word by Word Hebrew Reader - Teacher's Edition

Word by Word Hebrew Reader - Teacher's Edition - on CD

DOWNLOAD - Word by Word Hebrew Reader - Teacher's Edition

Hebrew Digital Workbook - Sephardic, Ashkenazic and Chassidic pronunciations.
Hebrew Digital Workbook is a revolutionary method of teaching the Hebrew Alpha Bet and Kria (reading). 
It combines conventional Hebrew Alpha Bet Lessons with powerful software that permits students to explore Hebrew. By working with the program, students quickly become familiar with the names of the letters, their sounds and how they combine with vowels and BLEND to produce words. This new method, has a much shorter learning curve and produces a better more fluent Hebrew Reader than the traditional learn by rote methods.This method is designed for to study on your own or in a class setting. The software is ideal for those encountering difficulty in reading or have symptoms of Dyslexia.

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About - Word by Word Hebrew Reader - Teacher's Edition

Word by Word Hebrew Reader, teaches the pronunciation of every Hebrew word. 
Like the title implies, it teaches one word at a time, or full sentences. It's an extremely powerful software application that not only Reads Any Hebrew Word for you, but also gives you the ability to break the words apart and rebuild them syllable by syllable to clearly hear and understand how the word is formed. 

The program is built around the advice of Master Hebrew Grammarians, Teachers and most importantly Students. Word by Word Hebrew Reader is the culmination of years of research and development in the art of teaching Hebrew Reading. 

Word by Word is not only effective as a Beginner's Hebrew Reading Trainer, but also as a Hebrew Reading enrichment tool with its unique ability to customize words and texts as needed. That means the Teacher can calibrate the lessons to the level of the student. The program also encourages the students participation and exploration into how Hebrew letters and vowels combine into words. 

Word by Word Hebrew Reader also has a special Cube Graphic Mode which is designed to help challenged readers become proficient Hebrew Readers. The Teacher's version includes all the Dialects and Fonts needed in teaching Hebrew. 

The software includes Sephardic, Ashkenazic and Chassidic pronunciations. 
It also includes the various styles of Hebrew lettering; Block Hebrew Lettering, Script and Rashi lettering. 

Sample lessons are included to help you appreciate the Power & Flexibility that this fine software affords you. 
We are so sure of the effectiveness of Word by Word Hebrew Reader, it is covered with our TES Money Back Guarantee. 

The software is ideal for training those encountering difficulty in reading or have symptoms of Dyslexia.

Features - Word by Word Hebrew Reader - Teacher's Edition

  • Master Hebrew Reading at your own pace
  • Recognize Hebrew in Hebrew Block Font
  • Recognize Hebrew in Hebrew Script Font
  • Reviews Names of Letters
  • Reviews Sounds of Letters
  • Reviews Names of Vowels
  • Reviews Sounds of Vowels
  • Teaches Individual Letters & Vowels
  • Build - Two letter Words
  • Build Three Letter Words
  • No limit to amount of Letters in a word
  • Experiment with the Building of Letters & Vowels
  • Learn how to pronounce combinations of letters & Vowels
  • Learn how to Blend letters & Vowels into words
  • All Pronunciation in Human Voice - Check Title for Dialect included
  • SmartBoard Compatible - Large Buttons & Big Fonts
  • Ability to Save Lessons with Name & Date
  • Ability to share and email lessons
  • Ability to Adjust Speed of Pronunciation and Tone
  • Ability to read just parts of Words
  • Word being Read is Highlighted
  • Auto Read Mode with auto text Highlights
  • Ability to use small Screen or take advantage of your full size Screen
  • Ability to Print Lessons for review away from the computer
  • Includes Prepared Hebrew Reading Lessons from Classic Hebrew Texts
  • Includes Prepared Hebrew Lessons for Hebrew Vocabulary
  • Ability to Customize Lessons and label with Students name
  • Ability to Create & Save Unlimited amount of lessons

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Software RequirementWindows 7/8/10