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DOWNLOAD - Kid's Print & Color Haggadah Project - Ages 3-6

DOWNLOAD - Kid's Print & Color Haggadah Project - Ages 3-6

Haggadah Publisher-Pro for Microsoft Word on CD/USB

Haggadah Publisher-Pro for Microsoft Word on CD/USB

DOWNLOAD - Haggadah Publisher-Pro for Microsoft Word


Haggadah Publisher-Pro for Microsoft Word
Start a Tradition - design your own Haggadah. As the family grows keep adding. This is one of the most popular family projects. Our software includes everything you need to work with Microsoft Hebrew Word or Davkawriter. Start now and you'll have started a new family tradition. Everyone will want a copy to take home - so make sure you print enough!


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About - DOWNLOAD - Haggadah Publisher-Pro for Microsoft Word

Every year at Passover time… we look for ways to keep our family and Passover Guests inspired and involved at the Seder. 
Some years ago one of the TES developers in Jerusalem created their own family Haggadah – the sample can be seen here

They included the Hebrew text Voweled and Highlighted to make it easy to read and follow. They added Graphics to liven up 
the pages and created a beautiful Haggadah which helped make their Passover extra special. 

They also added special notes so everyone one knows what to do… and when to do it… 

In short they created a personal Family Haggadah - that fit their needs. 
As the family grew… they edited it to keep current and included family pictures (which we were asked not to include in our sample) 
from before the War and even added their kid’s kindergarten Passover drawings. 

Eventually they had something very special - something that is now a precious family repository and full of memories. Each year they have 
to print more - since all their guests wanted to keep their copy and take it back home – a kind of keepsake - a souvenir if you wish! 

Binding your Haggadah is easy - use a Spiral which is very good and not costly and can be done while you wait at your local Stationary shop. 

If this sounds like a great idea – a great family project - you’re right. 
Order your Haggadah Publisher today and this Passover have your own Family Haggadah – you’ll be starting a new tradition. 

Haggadah Publisher Pro Version Includes: 

• Special Hebrew Fonts for Win and Mac 
• Complete Hebrew Text of the Haggadah 
• Easy Reading English Translation of the Haggadah 
• Easy Reading English TRANSLITERATION of the Haggadah 
• Original Passover Scenes Children to color and add to the Haggadah 
• Hundreds of Original Graphics and Photos to decorate your Haggadah 
• All designed to work with all popular wordprocessors - Windows or Mac 

PLEASE NOTE: You need any version of Microsoft Word or DavkaWriter7 to use this product. 



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Software RequirementWindows 7/8/10/11, Mac OSX