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Master Mishna Dedication

Master Mishna Dedication

CUSTOMIZE - Mishna Explained - Zeraim - USB

CUSTOMIZE - Mishna Explained - Zeraim - USB

CUSTOMIZE DOWNLOAD - Mishna Explained - Zeraim



Ideal Solution for Mishna Study & Review
Here is the perfect way to learn and review Mishna. Every word in all of Mishnayos read, translated and explained. With Master Mishna everything is explained and you understand. You don't only see the Mishna w/vowels in the traditional page layout, you hear it explained in simple English. Just click anywhere on the Mishna and the lesson begins.

Each word read aloud, each word translated, each Mishna explained. While studying the Mishna you can click on words or abbreviations – Hebrew or Aramaic -- and see an instant translation of that word with Master Mishna's exclusive Hebrew and Aramaic to English dictionary. There is also a Search option and a Mishna Tracker that helps you track which Mishnayos you learned, so you can keep track of your progress.

Master Mishna is designed to be a completer Mishna Study Solution - All you need to do now is select which Volume of Mishna you want to start with. Select below and start learning Mishna today. Software works on both Win/Mac.


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About - CUSTOMIZE DOWNLOAD - Mishna Explained - Zeraim
Master Mishna - Mishna Explained is the perfect way to learn and review Mishna. 
With Master Mishna you don't only see the Mishna w/vowels in the traditional page layout, you hear it explained in simple English. Just click on the Mishna and the lesson begins. Each word read aloud, each word translated, each Mishna explained. 

Master Mishna  - Mishna Explained gives the students what they need. A clear narration of the Mishna's Hebrew Text and an easy to follow explanation of the Mishna in English. The Narration can be adjusted to a speed that suits your needs. You also have instant access to a Mishna Dictionary which translates words and abbreviations. There is a search engine that not only searches the Mishna text itself, but will also search the commentaries. And of course you can enlarge the text to help make even the smallest Hebrew Commentaries easy to read. If you are study the Daily Mishna Cycle - there is a built in Calendar to help keep you up to date and a Mishna Tracker where you can check off each Mishna as you learn it - and track your progress. As well as a host of features for Learning Mishna and Saying Tehillim for a Yahrzeit.

All that you need to do - is select which Mishna Volume you need from the menu below. Pick one, two or all...

About The Lecturer
Rabbi Kosman learned at the Ner Yisroel Yeshiva in Baltimore for 6 years and then moved to the Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak in 1981, where he has been going strong ever since. Rabbi Kosman has recently been appointed a Rosh Yeshiva in Slabodka. The Master Daf shiurim began there at Slabodka for the English speaking crowd. In his own words, "When we saw it fulfilled a need we began to offer it to the public, and after 5 years or so we were grateful for the public response. My philosophy is we've got to learn, not waste time, and know shas." 

Rabbi Kosman has authored the following seforim: 
* Sefer Ahavas Tzvi on Yevamos 
* Otzros Ktzos Hachoshen 
* Otzros R' Akiva Eiger 

In addition, Rabbi Kosman is the Maggid shiur of the Master Daf, Master Mishna, and Master Rambam audio cassette and CD-Rom series. 

New projects include: The completion of Master Rambam - Master Mishna Brura - Master Yerushalmi - Master Medrash - Master Mussar - Master Zohar 


“The Order of Seeds” — is the first of six orders of the Mishnah.
It deals with agricultural laws. This includes all eleven tractates.

1.  BERACHOS Laws of the prayers and blessings.
2.  PEAH Gleanings of your fields that are left for the poor.
3.  DEMAI Produce brought from a person whose tithing is suspect.
4.  KILAYIM forbidden mixtures of plants, animals, and clothing.
5.  SHEVI'IS Sabbatical year and its Laws.
6.  TERUMOS Discusses produce set aside for the Kohanim (Priests).
7.  MAASROS Discuss laws of various Tithes.
8.  MAASER SHENI Discuss laws of various Tithes.
9.  CHALLAH Challah: The portion of dough set aside for the Kohanim.
10. ORLAH Laws of fruit produced by a tree during its first four years of growth.
11. BIKKURIM First fruits, brought to the Temple for a special ceremony of Thanksgiving.

"The Order of Festivals” — discusses the laws of the sacred days of the Jewish calendar

1.   SHABBOS The 39 forbidden labors of the Sabbath
2.   ERUVIN Discuss rabbinical decrees regarding the Sabbath and Festivals.
3.   BEITZAH Discuss rabbinical decrees regarding the Sabbath and Festivals.
4.   PESACHIM Laws of Pesachim — Passover
5.   SHEKALIM Laws of Shekalim — the annual half-shekel head tax.
6.   ROSH HASHANAH Laws pertaining to New Year
7.   YOMA Laws pertaining to Yom Kippur
7.   SUCCAH 
Laws pertaining to the Festival of the Tabernacle
8.   TAANIS The laws of Taanis Fast Days
9.   MEGILLAH Laws of Purim Holiday
10. MOED KATTAN Laws pertaining to the Intermediate Days of the Festivals & Mourning the Dead
11. CHAGIGAH Laws pertaining to Festival offerings in the Temple.

“The Order of Women” The laws governing Jewish Marriage.
The laws pertaining to vows are also taught. All seven tractates of Seder Nashim are included.

1. YEVAMOS Childless widows, incestuous unions, Agunos.
2. KESUBOS Marriage contracts, financial obligations.
3. NEDARIM Laws of Vows and Oaths
4. NAZIR The laws of a Nazirite
5. SOTAH Laws of a suspected adulteress
6. GITTIN The laws of Gittin — Divorce
7. KIDDUSHIN Laws of Kiddushin — Marriage.

“The Order of Damages” You will learn about civil and criminal law, judicial proceedings, a host of
topics ranging from ethics to idolatry. This CD-ROM contains ten tractates in Seder Nezikin.

1.   BAVA KAMMA Property damage, loans and interest, stolen goods.
2.   BAVA METZIA Lost and found, sales, rentals.
3.   BAVA BASRA Possessions, inheritance, evidence, testimony.
4.   SANHEDRIN The judiciary, capital punishment.
5.   MAKKOS The laws of Makkos discusses false witnesses, Exile punishment, and Corporal punishment.
6.   SHEVUOS Shevuos Discusses Oaths.
7.   EDIOS Testimonies of sages of the Mishnah on a wide variety of laws.
8.   AVODAH ZARAH Idol Worship, Relationships with non-Jews.
9.   AVOS Ethics and Self Improvement
10. HORAYOS Legal Decision - discusses erroneous judicial rulings.

“The Order of Holy Things” addresses the laws of Temple sacrifices and consecrated objects.
This contains all eleven tractates in Seder Kodashim.

1.   ZEVACHIM Animal and Bird Sacrifices.
2.   MENACHOS Flour offerings, Wine Libation.
3.   CHULLIN Laws of non-sacred meat animals.
4.   BECHOROS Laws of Firstborns Man & Animal
5.   ARACHIN Consecration of personal worth
6.   TEMURAH Exchanging Holy for non-holy
7.   KEREISOS Spiritual excision and sin-offerings.
8.   MEILAH Unauthorized use of what is Holy
9.   TAMID Details the Daily Sacrifices as a narrative
10. MIDOS Discusses the construction of the Second Temple from Ezra through Herod.
11. KININ Discusses when Bird Sacrifices are brought to the Temple for different atonements
      and the birds are accidentally switched in the performance of the ritual for atonement.

“The Order of Purity”— deals with the laws of ritual purity and impurity.
This contains all 
twelve tractates in Seder Tohoros.

1.  KEILIM Basic rules of Tumah and what can become Tamai
2.  OHOLOS The laws of corpses and their Tumah.
3.  NEGAIM Laws of Metzora & Tzaraas.
4.  PARAH Laws pertaining to the Red Heifer and method of cleansing Tumah from a corpse.
5.  TAHAROS Discusses cleansing from Tumah other than Tumah resulting from a corpse.
6.  MIKVAOS Ritual baths and immersion.
7.  NEDAH Laws of Nedah
8.   MACHSHIRIN Laws regarding what can become Tamai after initial contact with non-Tamai fluids
9.   ZAVIM Laws of Zav
10. TVUL YOM Laws of removing Tumah after Mikvah and Setting of the Sun.
11. YADAYIM Laws regarding touching of Terumah -Rabbinical injunctions to protect the Trumah from Tuma
12. UKTZIN Last Tractate in Shas - Discusses the laws of Tumah.

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Software RequirementWindows 7/8/10/11, Mac OSX